The Setting Sun Appetizers

Catered Appetizers

48 Hours Advance Notice

Pica-Deli · 11864 Sunrise Valley Drive · Reston, VA 20191 (703) 476-5050 fax:476-5402

Our day winds down as blue skies turn amber and dusty rose. Let the gatherings begin and the appetizers shine brightly.




Gathering Platters:

Vegetable Platter

$ 47.99 (LG) 16”

$ 37.99 (SM) 12”

Cheese Chunk Platter

$ 68.99 (LG) 16” 6 variety

$ 52.99 (SM) 12” 4 variety


Fruit Chunk Platter

$56.99 (LG) 16”  

$45.99 (SM) 12” 


Cheese & Fruit Platter

$64.99 (LG) 16” 3 variety

$49.99 (SM) 12” 2 variety

Veggie & Cheese Platter

$ 59.99 (LG) 16” 3 variety of each

$ 49.99 (SM) 12” 2 variety of each




Frank ‘N Blanket: All beef bite sized hot dogs wrapped in flaky puff pastry. 50 ct.  $49.99




Potato chips, Pretzels, and Dip: Small batch kettle cooked chips and wholesome baked pretzels served with four onion sour cream dip and honey mustard.  $ 32.50 



Watermelon Fruit Basket:  A whole watermelon hollowed out and used as a serving bowl for our refreshing seasonal fruit salad.  $69.99

Order a “mother ship” serving sized bowl of fruit salad to replenish your watermelon-serving basket.  $ 49.99


Cocktail roll Sandwiches: Our premium deli meats and café salads are made into little sandwiches and then plattered.  Each tray has 24 cute sandwiches.  $ 63.99


(requirs a minimum order 10 persons )

Grilled chicken with sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke:$8.49 per person

Chicken cordon bleu with fresh spinach,crumbled blue cheese:$8.49per person

Oven roasted-teriyaki salmon and lemon pepper salmon with cream caper sauce: $9.49 per person

grilled flank steak with onion sauce : $10.49 per person


Baked Brie:   Imported Brie topped with a yummy glaze, baked till warm and served with thin slices of baguette or water crackers. One Kilo size. $64.99  Fruit glazed topping available are Apricot, Raspberry, or Fig.
Chicken Fingers: Chicken Breast Tenderloins lightly battered and flash fried in Canola Oil to make a delightful chicken fritter.   Sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese and Cracked Pepper; served with a side of Honey Mustard dipping sauce.  $ 48.99 Approximately 50 fritters.

Shrimp Cocktail: Shrimp steamed, peeled, and deveined. The tail shell may be left on or completely removed depending upon your preference.

Served with a tangy cocktail sauce. Choose your size:

Jumbo Shrimp (approximately 50 shrimp) 20ct.

$ 95.99

Large Shrimp (approximately 60 shrimp) 25 ct.

$ 82.99

Medium Shrimp (approximately 90 shrimp) 40 ct.

$ 75.99


Crab Spread: Lump Crabmeat and fine herbs combine

with mellow cream cheese to make this elegant spread. Presented with water crackers as spreading discs. 3 pounds.

$ 69.99


Wings: We prepare two very popular styles and both are served as hot appetizers.

Traditional Buffalo Wing and a Lemon Pepper Grilled Wing. An order has 50 jumbo wings and a pint of ranch style dressing.

Buffalo style  - $54.99

 honey hot style-$54.99

Add to your order two heads of celery cut into sticks and a quart of Blue Cheese Dressing.  - $ 18.99


Cocktail Meatballs: These tender all beef meatballs are simmered in your choice of, Marinara or Sweet & Sour.  $ 59.99 per ˝ pan order (approx.150 meatballs).


Jalapeno Poppers: A half of a mild Jalapeno pepper stuffed with cool cream cheese, battered and fried to golden brown. Served with a salsa zed sour cream dipping sauce.

Approximately 46 halves.  $ 58.99

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