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For Pick Up and Eat In only - not a delivery menu

Daily Specials

Our Specials include a regular sized fountain drink of your choice, Coke; Diet Coke; Sprite, Mr. Pibb, Pink Lemonade; or Iced Tea

(No Substitutions) -


Smoked turkey on whole wheat bread.  Garnished with garden sprouts and cranberry chutney.  Served with a side of tomato/cucumber salad.



Chicken BBQ on a Kaiser roll with provolone cheese.  Served with a side of cole slaw.



Tuna on a Kaiser roll garnished with lettuce and tomato.  Served with a side of chilled pasta salad.



Meatball sub with melted provolone cheese.  Served with a bag of Utz chips.



Turkey seasoned pastrami breast on rye with Swiss cheese, cole slaw and Russian dressing.  Served with a side of macaroni.  “During Lent substitute a fried fish sandwich.



Soup of the day—with crackers (12 oz) Nov.-Apr.


Onion Rings







From Our Bakery

Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Raisin, White Chocolate Pecan), Blondies, Brownies with nuts, Cream Cheese Swirl  Cookies: $1.59 Brownies:  $1.89Brownies: $1.89



Deli Salads

Cole Slaw, Chicken Salad, Cider Slaw, Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Tuna Salad


Beverages About 100 to choose from!     Prices Vary



The Amalfi Turkey breast slowly smoked over the most aromatic hardwoods with garden sprouts and cranberry chutney.


The Centurion—Our version of steak and cheese.  We cut roast beef, season it well, add onions, and blanket it with melted cheese.  Served hot.



The ColosseumAged top round of beef painstaking seasoned and trimmed, then roasted to rare perfection.


The Ceasar Augustus—The leader in  Italian heroes with Capicola ham, aged salami, pepperoni, and provolone cheese, complimented by lettuce, tomato, onion, and crusted cherry peppers, and seasoned with oregano, olive oil and red wine vinegar.



The Leaning Tower of PICA—Our edible structure begins with a foundation of rye, topped with lean corned beef, coleslaw, and Swiss cheese. The 2nd tier is piled high with pastrami and Swiss, then topped with Russian dressing.


Marco Polo

Selected spices accompany our chunky white meat chicken salad garnished with sliced grapes.  If you wish to explore, we’ll add a sprinkle of curry.



Virginia baked ham, roasted turkey breast and Swiss cheese served triple decker high with Russian dressing and coleslaw, or lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.


The Pieta

Five ounces of freshly roasted turkey breast served with provolone cheese, along with bacon, lettuce and tomato, stuffed into a pocket of pita bread and perked up with a poppy seed dressing.


Ponte Vecchio

We begin with aged prosciutto and Italian vintage parmesan and then kiss the couple with imported sun-dried tomatoes.  A true European delicacy.


The Renaissance

A generous portion of baked ham accompanied by your choice of cheese.  Served hot or cold.


Shrimp Salad

Shrimp is the big name in this sandwich.




24 hr. notice is appreciated

Sandwich Platter -

Roast beef, turkey breast, baked ham & Swiss, and corned beef sandwiches.  This selection is accompanied by * 2 side salads as well as condiments.

$9.50 Per Person

Deli Platter -

Choose a selection of 3 meats and 2 cheese for your entertainment needs.  Your platter will be appetizingly arranged and accompanied with bread, * 2 side salads, and condiments.

$11.50 Per Person

Two – Six Foot Hero Sandwich 

Enlarge our most popular sandwiches into a gigantic feast.  Ask for selections.  Each foot serves 4 – 6 guests.  24 hour notice required.

*See catering menu for more information.

$23.99 per foot $2.50 per sub cut


The Gladiator

Hand-selected chicken slowly roasted, pulled then sautéed in our own barbeque sauce.  Topped with cheese or coleslaw upon request.  Beef and pork BBQ at times available


The Gondola

Italian sausage served hot with sautéed onions and green peppers.  An Italian favorite.  


Mt. Vesuvius

Erupting from our Italian kitchen, meatballs simmering hot in marinara sauce topped with melted provolone cheese.  An explosion of taste to your palate.


Bread Choices

Sliced Bread:  Italian white, whole wheat, seeded rye, rye/Pumpernickle marble -  Rolls:  8” Sub or Kaiser

Condiment Choices

Lettuce, tomato, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Horseradish, crushed peppers, onions, olive oil, vinegar, oregano, Russian dressing, coleslaw

Bacon$0.99 Cheese:  $.50 extra



We will gladly prepare your sandwich on any of our freshly baked breads.  Served with your choice of condiments.


²       Boar’s Head Brand Boiled Ham  $6.59

²       Capicola-Style Ham  $6.59

²       Hard Salami  $6.59

²       Genoa Salami  $6.59

²       Roasted Turkey Breast  $6.59

²       First Cut Corned Beef  $6.59


²       Boar’s Head Brand Pure Bologna(none)

²       Double Meat or 2 Variety Meat Sandwiches - Add $3.00 Additional

²       Pastrami  $6.59

²       Strassburger-Style Liverwurst  $6.59

²       Cheese (Swiss, Provolone, American) $6.59

²       Chunk Meat of Tuna - $6.59

²       Egg Salad  $6.59

²       Dill Pickles  Available Lg. .1.00 sm. .35

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