Pica-Deli Meats

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Pastrami Round  An extra lean cut of beef highly seasoned with black pepper and pickling spices.  - $8.99 per pound


Corned Beef Round  Lean beef "pickled" with exceptional old world flavor.

$8.99 per pound


Roast Beef   Choice grade aged western top round beef. Rubbed with seasoning and roasted medium rare. Never pumped with tenderizers or extenders. This is the best roast beef available in the deli case. - $9.99 per pound


Bologna Only select cuts of pork and beef are used to make Boarshead bologna. Never a filler, cereal or by-product added. A superb deli meat with great taste.

$4.99 per pound


Beef Hotdogs  Natural casings give these all beef dogs their natural snap when you bite into them. Great taste either grilled or steamed. $5.99 per pound


Genoa Salami  Cured salami with the addition of peppercorns and red wine.

$8.99 per pound


Hard Salami  A mild, finely ground salami that has been gently smoked before curing.

$8.99 per pound



Sopressata A coarse ground salami which has been dry cured and seasoned sweet or hot.

$11.99 per pound


Deluxe Ham very lean 98% fat free Boiled Ham.   Mild tasting 100% grain-fed ham. Remember to look for the Boarshead branding mark to ensure the finest quality deli ham.   $8.79 per pound


Black Forest Ham   Delicately smoked ham. Exceeding lean 99% fat free. $8.79 per pound


Smoked Honeycoat Ham  A Virginia baked style ham. A touch of sweetness leads itself to the perfect ham and cheese sandwich. $8.79 per pound


Prosciutto Ham  A domestic dry-cured whole ham. A slightly salty flavor, slice thin and enjoy with fresh melon. $14.99 per pound


Parma Prosciutto Ham  Classic prosciutto from the Parma region of Italy. Silky and “sweet”. A true European delicacy. $20.99 per pound


Capicollo (Ham Cappy)  Spiced ham that is boiled and highly seasoned with hot paprika and other pepper seasonings. $6.99 per pound


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